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Bachelor of Library and Information




    3.5 Years

  • FEE

    From: $1000/year

About Course

Sociology has always endeavoured to expose students or clients to the study of social life, social causes and consequences of human behaviour. Thus, in presenting a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology and security studies CRSS, the faculty is meeting the national needs on capacity building in the police, prison and private security firms. Sociology provides a rich knowledge directly concerning these institutions. It offers research techniques and contributes to institutional reforms particularly in criminology and security studies. The Programme is designed for students or clients who wish to pursue careers in police services, forensic investigations, human Rehabilitation services and security management. Thus, the graduates of this programme will be prepared to take up managerial positions in the public sector especially in; the police service, prisons and probation departments. The private sector will find the graduates useful in security management and related roles. In general, it is expected that this programme will complement and sustain the professionalization of the police, prison and probation services in East Africa and beyond.

Program Objectives

The main objective of the programme is to provide an in-depth study of social life, social causes and consequences of human behaviour. This is structured into three areas of specialised options with respective objectives:

  • Demonstrate competencies in management and leadership for community development.
  • Rehabilitation and probation services.
  • Security and disaster management.
  • Criminal and forensic investigation.
  • Engage in gainful employment for self- reliance.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Graduate will be able to use acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes to:

  • Analyse criminal and security issues in society.
  • Provide relevant rehabilitation and probation services in security organizations.
  • Enhance improved levels of security and disaster management in organizations and the society generally.
  • Undertake criminal and forensic investigations to enhance peace and security in society.
  • Undertake further studies.
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  • Any applicant who meets the minimum entry requirements for admission into the University in general and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in particular
  • Admission may also be granted to Diploma holders with at least a credit or its equivalent in criminology or Police Science from a recognized institution.
  • However, the Diploma entry grade must have been a minimum of C plain at secondary school level. The Diploma holders may qualify for credit transfer to the programme.

How to Apply

  • Apply online via the link given below the Program
  • In the Registration portal, click apply and fill out your details in the fields
  • Pay the Application fee of Kshs. 2,000 through Egerton University Account Number: KCB Bank A/C No. 1101906812


Annual Fee for the programmes will be as follows:
Tuition Fee per Course Unit:
Undergraduate KES. 5,900.00

Administrative Costs Annually:
Undergraduate KES. 19,140.00

The breakdown of the administrative charges is given below

Item Frequency Amount (Kshs)
Registration Per Academic Year 1500
Examination Per Academic Year 3700
Material Development Per Academic Year 4200
Library Fees Per Academic Year 2500
Field Attachment Per Academic Year 3340
Student Union Per Academic Year 400
CUE Charge Per Academic Year 1000
Student ID Once 500
Caution Money Once 2000
Total First Academic Year 19140

The Annual Administrative fee for the other years (2nd to 4th year) is less the Caution money and Student ID Charges (total, Kshs. 2,500) amounting to Kshs. 16,640
The fee summary is given below per academic year

Academic Year Administrative Fee Number of Units Tuition(units*cost) Total (Kshs)
Year 1 19140 15 units 88500 107640
Year 2 16640 18 units 106200 122840
Year 3 16640 19 units 112100 128740

Note that the amount might be more depending on the number of units you take each session.
The fee is paid through the following bank account

KCB, Account no. 1101893680

Download a copy of the fee structure below

Program Coordinator

Mr. Samwel Auya

Lecturer : Department of Peace Security and Social Studies (PSSS)
Phone #: +254 722 154 111
Email: lol@egerton.ac.ke

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